As I Lay Me Down to Sleep – Personal Victories

As I lay me down to sleep, I #givethanks for personal victories. I have not reached perfection in any of my earthly endeavors. I try with white-knuckled determination. I make deals with myself and promises to God. And still, I come up short so much of the time. But there are still those little victories, those small achievements, those nearly invisible accomplishments. They are my personal victories that help me focus on my goodness and abilities. If you haven’t recognized little victories in your life lately, stop, take a deep breath, and look for them. Maybe you held your tongue when your husband said something that normally sets you off. Maybe you didn’t moan when your little one said he needed to go to the bathroom after you just bundled him up to play in the snow. Perhaps you took minutes out of your busy schedule to listen to a neighbor who just wanted to talk. Those are personal victories, and truth be told, there are probably hundreds of them every day that never get recognized. I don’t believe the Lord only wants to tell us, “Well done, Thou good and faithful servant” only once in our lifetimes or only after we have died and gone back to where we came from. As a loving Father in Heaven, I believe he wants us to hear it on a regular basis. And we can hear it when we give ourselves a pat on the back for personal victories.

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