Creative Decorating

One year when we lived in Utah, Ken and I got home from a grocery shopping date and found OB Tampon wrappers on the bathroom floor. Nobody fessed up, so I let it go and forgot about it. The Christmas tree was up and decorated in front of the living room window. It was a busy season with friends, neighbors, and out-of-town family members coming and going. It was a successful Christmas, with goodies, music, hot chocolate, tussles, and wrestling matches between the four boys. One day, a friend dropped by and made a comment about OB Tampons. It didn’t make sense – until we got around to un-decorating the street-facing side of that glorious tree. There were the missing tampons. Three-year-old Emily was so proud. She had dragged a kitchen chair to the tree FOUR WEEKS before Christmas and hung somewhere around twenty of them from the low branches and halfway up the tree. She figured since there was a string loop and they were white as snow, they belonged on the tree. I was mortified!

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