Devotion Deception Deliverance—Isaac’s Story is based on the true-life experiences of Isaac Steed. I met Isaac at a family history conference where he and his wife sold freeze-dried food at their cute little booth. When he learned I was a writer, he shared a quick overview of his life under the leadership of FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs. In that short fifteen minutes, I knew his story needed to be written and shared. People need to know that these abuses of power still exist in this 25th year of the 21st Century under the guise of religion, in the name of God, and with tax-exempt status from the United States government.

Isaac and I had some great conversations as I interviewed him. But about the time I thought I had a pretty good grasp of his story, he walked me across another minefield. His experiences were complicated, perplexing, and messy. His story is sad, frustrating, and heartbreaking. But his life is filled with faith, hope, and endurance that transcends whatever life throws at him. 

I have heard Isaac’s story over and over, and each time we spoke, I learned something new about this remarkable man. I invite you to open the pages of this book and read how absolute devotion to one man laid the groundwork for him to carry out a masterful deception. And then read how courage in seeking deliverance amidst the storm of uncertainty changed another man’s life. 

Isaac’s bravery in revealing his story is impossible to describe. It is a gift to know him and call him my friend. And it is my honor to have worked so closely with him.

—Charlene Paul, Author




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