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The Prayer

So beautiful. I love these voices with their rich harmonies and clear melodies. How glorious that God’s children can make music to brighten days, touch

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A New Day Will Dawn

     For the past ten months, dates and benchmarks for getting things back to normal have been set. When those criteria came and went

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Finding the Silver Lining

2020 was a rough year. Yeah, that’s an understatement. It was tough to find a silver lining with all the dark, gloomy, menacing storm clouds.

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Creative Decorating

One year when we lived in Utah, Ken and I got home from a grocery shopping date and found OB Tampon wrappers on the bathroom

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Eight-year-old Perspective

So talking to eight-year-old Wyatt about Jupiter and Saturn aligning on December 21st to make a huge, beautiful Christmas star. Wyatt: Wow! That’s so cool.

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